Mattia Franco

I was born in Como, Italy, just weeks after Nirvana released its first album, Bleach.




1989-2002 / Italy, Belgium


Born just in time to see the Berlin wall fall down, as soon as I could walk I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur.
At the age of 5 my grandparents took me to small seaside town in Italy and I immediately realized I could make a fortune by selling seashells found on the shoreline to adults having a drink at sunset. Soon after, the competition became fierce as other kids started the same business, thus prices & margin diminished. Not a big deal as I had to go back home to start my 1st grade year. 

TUSCANY, ItAly - 1993

Thinking about new marketing strategies to sell shells at the downtown main square.

When I was 7 my family moved to Brussel, Belgium, and I tagged along. Just a few weeks earlier I was in a tiny school in a small town in Italy and a second later I opened my eyes in the middle of thousands-students at the European School of Brussel. I always heard how psychologists advised my mother not to take me away from my hometown at such a young age, but the truth is, the shock of suddenly sharing lunch breaks with kids from Denmark, Spain, France -and pretty much the rest of world- was absolutely the greatest input in forging my passion for diverse cultures and people from around the world. 


Como, ITALY - 1997


2003-2008 / ITALY, USA

Rock & Roll

At 13 I enrolled in some sort of experimental High School that required a full extra day of schooling per week. Mathematics and Latin were -with no competition- the subjects I hated the most in my life at the time, and this intensive program actually went hardcore with them. Little did I know, years later I would have realised this 2 courses were amongst the most important gifts to send to your future self. 

Ancient Latin aside, my high-school main worries were to understand how vodka and women worked. Times of teenage wasteland -as an old track from The Who used to scream in my room-. And couple that with some amazing grandparents taking me around the world and you'll get the greatest time to be alive.

But this was just not enough. My CD player (oh yea, no mp3 yet) shouted the stories of the American music rebels and their corresponding British legends. Go figure, said the sultans of swing, Italy was becoming too small of a backyard for dreams. That's why at the age of 16 I took a one-way flight to New York and joined a student exchange program in an country-side American High School.


New York, USA - 2007

Fuck photogenic graduation pictures.


These were the years of my first travels alone. The world was my playground and I needed cash to travel more and further. So how to make money? Why not by monetising on what I was good at - partying - i thought.
That's how my parent's rooftop became a club on some summer nights, until it was too small to fit hundreds of underage-party-lovers. That was the moment I started renting airplanes' hangars, but that's another story. 


2009-2014 / Spain, Italy, USA,

China, Brazil


My university years were the best chaos I could ever ask for. I started studying Economics and Management of Innovation at the University of Trieste, Italy, where I met some of the most incredible people that thought me inspirational things such as opening a bottle of beer with a lighter, mixing electronic music with CDJs, and going in the direction of your dreams. During my second year of college, I was accepted into the Erasmus Scholarship program, packed my bags and flew to Valencia, Spain. I landed in Spain on September 7th, 2009. This day was probably marking the beginning of my indietronic years.  

puerta 13 birhtday mattia sunglasses party this is not another erasmus party
Mi Cumpleanos + Sunglasses Night (4).JPG

Valencia, Spain - 2009

Little did i know, the day I bought a strobe light & smoke machine for my apartment, that I just started Xceed, the company I will be spending my next 10 years on. 

The road from throwing house parties to giving flyers in the streets, to pr management and, finally, club management took such short time that I barely had any control over it. I did spend 0 days in class throughout the whole semester that year, but the learning I got from it was absolutely priceless. That's why, once back in Italy to complete the last year of my bachelor degree, I booked all the flights for the upcoming 40 weekends and spent my year organising events and DJing in the most remote locations around Europe, from sunny Ibiza to frozen Tallinn.


San Francisco, usa - 2012

At the age of 22 I moved to San Francisco to pursue a Master in International Business. The time spent in the Bay Area strongly influenced my entrepreneurial mindset and helped me leading different initiatives to raise funds for people in need, something that I will always look forward to continue doing.


Neveda, USA - 2013


Shanghai, China - 2013

graduation mattia franco.JPG

Business school aside, California was some sort of heaven on earth to me. Jazz bars, self-driving cars, underground clubs, shocking wild nature and so much more to taste. Just thinking about Los Angeles, Vegas, the Death Valley & its desert, Canada's incredible coast and one nighters in Mexico... I could have never had enough of it and definitely lost count of the times I drove up and down the legendary road 1.  

Meanwhile, being part of the top percentiles of students (Honor Roll) allowed me to complete the last modules of my master in different campuses spread around the world. What more to ask? Packed and moved to study in São Paulo - Brazil, first, and Shanghai - China, afterwards.


2015-TODAY / Spain


At the end of 2015 I moved to Barcelona, Spain, which is what I currently call home and perfect base camp to explore the world and its people. I love all sorts of sports, hiking in the middle of nowhere, throwing unforgettable barbecues with friends, amateurial sunset DJing, photography, and reading. I can't stay still so you'll catch me at the airport taking off for the next shot exotic places or scuba-diving round. 


Negev Desert, Israel - 2016

scuba diving mattia.jpg

Nilaveli, Sri Lanka - 2018