Mattia Franco

Business Management & Strategy


Barcelona, Spain / 2010-2018

Founder & CEO

Xceed uniquely leverages data-driven technology to empower clubs & festivals to grow their businesses and reach millions of party-lovers.

As founder & Chief Executive Officer, I fully enjoyed the startup-rollercoaster experience, from our first "office" / a broken tent in a backyard of San Francisco / to the all-nighters spent hustling in any form. Thanks to the incredible talents that joined the project we scaled to a team of 25 people and, today, Xceed has grown into a profitable business, reaching more than 3 million users a year, providing an ERP to over 500 business and processing over €10 million in online transactions in 2018.

With over €2M raised from European VCs and investors, we are on a mission to empower people from all over the world to live the best nights of their lives. Anything else will just not be enough.


Team under management: 25 people

Funds raised: €2M

Achievements: Fastest growing startup in spain 2018, best 100 apps by apple 2016

Website: Xceed


Milan, Italy / 2014-2015

Project Manager - Go to Market Strategy

Vodafone is a British multinational telecommunications conglomerate, with headquarters in London and predominantly operating in the regions of Asia, Africa, Europe, and Oceania. Among mobile operator groups globally, Vodafone ranked second (behind China Mobile) in the number of mobile customers (516 million) as of 2017.

I joined Vodafone's cross-functional career and development path for top graduates in 2014 and moved my way through different departments. After a short customer sales experience in Milan’s Vodafone flagship store and a taste of the customer care experience in Vodafone headquarters’ call center I reached my final role, which represented cross-functional position in between the departments of Marketing & Innovation. As project manager I took care of new product launches, connectivity and go to Market Strategy.


Product & UX/UI

Xceed Logo Black.png
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Barcelona, Spain / 2010-2018

Head of Product, UX Designer, UI Specialist

During the early and growth stages of Xceed I took care of the development roadmap, setting up an initial one-man product team that would then grow into a full department.

On the consumer side I researched party-goers behaviour and needs, and designed a platform (both App and Web) to help them discover and join the best events in town based on their taste, their friends and their preferences.

On the business side, I worked in close relationship with club owners and managers to develop the leading ERP/SAAS for nightlife & event management: Nightgraph.  


PRODUCT Team under management: 10 people

Achievements: best 100 apps award by apple 2016



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Nightgraph Screenshot.png
Rete Sicura Web Page - roll over.jpg

Milan, Italy / 2014-2015

UI Designer

As Vodafone Italy did not have a UX/UI team in place yet at the time, I took care (as part of the marketing team) of analysing web pages & App interfaces and to provide the technical team with improved mock-ups.

Amongst new launches were Rete Sicura landing page, Vodafone Happy Hour new mobile app and the integration of a partnership system with Dropbox.

App and Web new interfaces were released in 2015 and reached a customer base of over 20M people. 




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Marketing & Growth

Xceed Logo Black.png
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Barcelona, Spain / 2010-2018

CMO - ad interim 

At Xceed, I overviewed the creation of the first marketing team and its strategy, starting from an initial budget of 10€ per week to a mass acquisition program that helped us reach over 5M unique users with a yearly marketing budget of approximately 100k€. 

Throughout the years we have activated multiple channels (see graphic below), both online and offline, mastering display networks and other paid channels, but mostly focusing on capital efficiency and growth hacking techniques such as WOM, friends referrals, spillover from businesses and affiliates and SEO.

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 13.13.36.png


MARKETING Team under management: 6 people

Achievements: 3 MILLION UNIQUE USERS | + 2170% GROWTH IN USER BASE in 24 months



Skills & Expertise

Advertising (digital & printed), Affiliate Marketing, Branding, Facebook & Instagram Advertising, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Partnerships, Press & PR, SEO/SEM, Strategy, Street Marketing. 


Mentoring & Speaking

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ESCP europe paris business school logo

EUROPE / 2015-2018

E-Business Professor & Speaker in Residence

I think giving back is one of the most important tasks a an entrepreneur. Advising roles aside, I enjoy hanging out with young entrepreneurs and proactive students who will soon try to change the world in their own way. 

I have been teaching in different business schools since 2015, bringing in my personal experience (and fuck-ups) and coaching students on entrepreneurship, marketing and business planning. Main topics of my speaking sessions or courses: identifying key strategic factors and KPIs related to e-markets, developing a digital business plan, conducting user research & analysis, setting up digital marketing strategies, pitching a project addressing e-commerce and/or other digital-space-based technologies, fundraising.



Skills & Expertise

Business Planning, Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Presenting, UX/UI. 


Europe / 2017-2018

Panelist & Judge

Over the past years I have been involved in tech and music conferences both as startup mentor/judge and panelist.


Fundraising & Pro Bono

logo HEM.jpg

San Francisco - USA, Valencia - Spain / 2012-2015

President @ Hult Event Management & Xceed Social 

Xceed Social was a charitable branch of Xceed. Its past volunteering projects, that took place in Spain, USA, Honduras, South Africa and Brazil, contributed to the donation of +$20k to local communities. It's main source of fundraising came from the partnership with HEM (Hult Event Management), a school club I founded during my master in San Francisco and that had over 100 registered members.

Amongst the several causes with supported, Project Honduras was the most successful. It aimed at improving the education system in the island of Roatan, Honduras through hands-on volunteering on the field & several monetary donations to PIER (Partners in Education Roatan) and Roatan Children's Fund.