Mattia Franco

Hey, I'm Mattia.

I scale ideas from 0 to ∞, lead agile teams and create frictionless products. I also make great gin & tonics.

mattia franco.jpg

I had the luck to travel the world and live in 4 different continents since I was a kid. This made me extremely passionate about discovering new ideas and cultures, leading my interests towards the constant research for the perfect business management style.

I’ve studied in 7 countries and graduated with High Honors in International Business in San Francisco in 2013. The time spent in the Bay Area strongly influenced my entrepreneurial mindset and helped me leading different initiatives to raise funds for people in need, which I still consider today as some of the most valuable experiences I had in life.

While studying, I founded the first nightlife marketplace with a clear mission: helping people live the best nights of their lives! Today, Xceed uniquely leverages data-driven technology to empower clubs & festivals to grow their businesses and reach millions of party-lovers from around the world.

I firmly believe in frictionless user experience and I am obsessed about delivering exquisite graphic design, disruptive innovations and state-of-the-art customer service. I love to work under pressure, always looking forward to push my team to exceed its potential.

I’m curious. About anything. So drop me a message and let’s meet for a beer.


Awards / Mentions



Forbes 30 under 30 - Leaders of the Future

Forbes italia



Fastest Growing Startup of the Year - Spain

Tech 5 by the next web & adyen




Best 100 App in the World




Digital Solutions for Mass Markets - Finalist

The South Summit


CML Award - Winner

Câmara municipal de lisboa




1st Prize - Team Leader - Consulting Project

Intel China